Rudyard Kipling Influences

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Although there were many major influential authors in the Victorian Era Rudyard Kipling was among the most influential of his time. Kipling was born on December 30, 1865 in Mumbai, India then died in America on January 18, 1936 shortly after his seventieth Birthday. Kipling wrote many famous poems and novels winning many awards and prizes. Kipling was even nominated for the Noble Prize three times and then finally won in 1907. Since Kipling was writing during the Victorian Era, you would think most of his works would contain themes of peace and prosperity, but this was not the case; Kipling was known for many works that had an ethnocentric outlook. Some of his most famous works are still read and used in historical education today. The Jungle Book is read by kids everywhere and The White Man’s Burden one of Kipling’s most controversial works are still studied today.…show more content…
India was a prime place for Kipling and his siblings to grow up in, the busy markets and crowed streets where what Kipling learned to know and love, but that all ended after Kipling’s sixth birthday when his mother sent him to receive British education in Seaside, England since there was no family for Kipling to stay with in Britain at the time he was forced to stay with a foster family. For Kipling, this time in his life was very hard it did not take Kipling very long to realize that Mrs. Holloway was a terrible woman, she abused Kipling till he was eleven years old. That is when his parents found out about what was happening in the foster home, they rushed back to England to save their son. Kipling then attend a new school in Devon, England where he discovers his love for writing and then became the editor for the school
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