Rugby Football Union Essay

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Rugby What is it all About?

"In 1823, William Webb Ellis first picked up the ball in his arms and ran with it. And for the next 156 years forwards have been trying to work out why." - Sir Tasker Watkins (1979)

The History of Rugby, many believe that Rugby was born in 1823 when William Webb Ellis whilst spending his time at Rugby school, took the ball in his arms during a game of football and ran with it. This then became the distinctive future of the Rugby game. Although this is not fact as there is little in the way of evidence to substantiate this view, it is more by popular belief. The true year Rugby Football Union was founded was in the year 1871, in the month of December 1870 two men published a letter in The Times
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If the player with the ball is tackled to the ground the team will then form a ruck to protect the ball and organize to set up play, throwing or passing the ball is always made to the player behind the ball, forward passing is not allowed. The ball can only move forward in three ways, by kicking, a player running with it and the ball moving within a scrum or ruck. Blocking is not allowed and only the player with the ball may be tackled if the ball is knocked forward by a player with his arms a knock on is committed and play is restarted with a scrum. Protective equipment is optional and strictly regulated. The most common items are mouth guards, which are worn by most players. Other protective items permitted include thin head gear no thicker than 10mm, non-rigid shoulder pads and also shin pads. Some players will wear bandage or tape to protect injuries.

Over the years more and more countries have got involved in the game of rugby. 1910 was the start of the Five Nations Championship between England, France Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 1987 saw the start of the Rugby World Cup this championship was won by New Zealand who defeated France 29-9 at Eden Park, Auckland. 1996 the Tri Nations Series began between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 2000 the Five Nations became the Six Nations Championships with Italy joining in the competition. Even the points
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