Rugby Vs. Football Club Team Essay

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When most people think of rugby they usually do not automatically think about values and social issues. In reality, rugby is directly connected to many simple yet important values and social issues in the world today. Rugby is not a very popular sport in the United States, as it is overshadowed by sports such as football and basketball. Rugby is an intense game, similar to football, played without pads and helmets, in which players are scrambling to keep control of the always live ball and score points. The University of Oklahoma, like many large universities has a men’s rugby club team. As a whole the team values hard work and perseverance on and off the field in connection to health and exercise in a world of declining health. The University of Oklahoma’s Men’s Rugby club team was founded in 1974 by two law students, Tim Wilson and John Woods and faculty member Alan Velie. These men put an add in the OU student newspaper in an effort to “stir enough interest to create a rugby team” (Upchurch, 29). Going into this adventure neither of them had played rugby so on top of trying to start a team, they had to familiarize themselves with the rules, taking inspiration from a well-established team in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wilson and Woods exemplified hard work, perseverance and dedication to the team through their willingness to go out of their way to get others interested, to spend countless hours devoted to physical fitness, and organizing games and practice, all
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