Rule Of Law And Development

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Rule of Law and Development
A Mutual Reinforcement

Executive Summary
The Post 2015 development agendas which are often called as the next generation MDGs includes Rule of Law, one of the most crucial component of development around the world. Precisely for developing countries like Bangladesh, the fragile state of rule of Law and access to justice implicates the downward situation of development, especially from the human rights perspective. This paper will analyze the sources, nature and elements of rule of law as well as development and scrutinize the nexus between these two. In light of realistic experiences around the world, this paper will try to find whether the implementation of rule of law practically substantiates the goals of sustainable development. At the same time, the situation of Bangladesh as well as the possible way outs will also be highlighted.

Contents o Introduction o Definition and the Elements of Rule of Law o Definition and the Elements of Development o Why Rule of Law is a prerequisite for Development? o Linkage between Rule of Law and Development o The Judicial & Institutional Experiences o The Bangladesh Scenario: Problems and Recommendations o Rule of Law, Human Rights & Development: o Conclusion

1. Introduction
In recent years, the concept of the “rule of law” has been gaining increased attention in academic and political circles. Now, a major opportunity to capitalize on the
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