Rule Utilitarianism Analysis

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My overall philosophical view for the discussion about the “right to keep what you earned”, (Mackinnon and Fiala, 2015), can be altruistic, but I believe my view is more of the idea of Rule Utilitarianism. Rule Utilitarianism described in the book Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues “utilitarian theory that focuses on postulating general rules that will tend to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number”, (Mackinnon and Fiala, 2015). One idea that I found useful to branch off Rule Utilitarianism is the root word known as utility. Utility means the most satisfaction or in another word to describe it by, is happiness, (McConnell, Brue, Flynn, 2015 McGraw-Hill). Although I have a belief that if someone works hard anyone can earn what they deserve in the end, however, I also believe that taxes should be paid no matter where the funds go…show more content…
Take it from this point of view, just because there are people that get money from taxes does not mean they do not deserve it just because they are not a channel someone uses for their company. With this discussion, I also think that the people with this idea that government should not be involved in some certain tax decisions are thinking about this idea that is known as Act Utilitarianism, without knowing it. Act Utilitarianism has a huge focus on judging situations on if the acts in these situations really do give happiness to a larger number of people, (Mackinnon and Fiala, 2015). Obviously, some people want themselves to be the happiest of the bunch. Here in this particular case, both Rule Utilitarianism and Act Utilitarianism theories can give and idea to compare to what someone like me believes, and what the people for this certain discussion want to believe. A huge part of me says why not have everyone or most of everyone be happy and get some sort of satisfaction with art and
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