Rule of Lenin vs the Tsar Essay

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Rule of Lenin vs the Tsar

The beginning of the 20th century saw a great change in the political structure of Russia. A country once lead under an autocracy leadership was suddenly changed into a communist state over night. Dictatorship and communism are at separate ends of the political spectrum but as this study so clearly shows both involve the oppression of society and a strict regime in which people are unable to voice there opinions without vicious threats and action from the government.

In 1894 the Tsar Nicholas 2nd was crowned. He was to start an autocracy leadership in which he ruled alone. The Tsar had great support from the Catholics because he declared he had divine right therefore
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There was a lot of discrimination against small minorities such as the Jews. The Tsars control was varied, in central Russia he had a lot of power and his laws were enforced by the Okhrana (his secret police) and he also relied heavily on his army. He dealt with many situations undiplomatically. For example on Bloody Sunday his army opened fire on 200000 protestors. Although as Russia is so vast it was hard for him to control what people did further away from the capital. There was only one National railway that linked the whole country and that took seven days to travel on and there wasn't much in the way of roads mainly just dirt tracks. Therefore the freedom of people depended on their situation within the country. Lenin showed much more power and control (often using violent measures). He enforced a strict structure to society in order enforce communist ideals. For example if you were to set up your own business you would be shot by the secret police as this was disobeying the state. So both leaders used violence in order to control the people thus creating an oppressed state. Lenin tended to only resort to violence or discrimination when someone opposed the government where as the Tsar particularly discriminated against some groups for no reason e.g. Jews. Although peoples freedom were greatly limited under both leaders.

The quality of the economy and lifestyle of people

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