Rules About Homelessness

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The rules about homelessness in my community is that everyone is welcome, I will not turn any one done because I will have a shelter for the homeless, and have food and clothes to support there needs. However, I will divide up the male and female in two different sections so that way no one feels uncomfortable being in the same room with each other. It will be a 24 hour shelter; no appointments are necessary. I believe that homeless people can sit outside, if they feel its too much being indoor. I will also provide transportation for them to go to the library, to the mall, and grocery stores. I actually dealt with someone in my family who has been in deep trouble with law, and he was a drug addict, and I remember that my grandmother took him and…show more content…
He hasn’t gone into trouble with the law. I believe it was a wake up call for my uncle because he now just realized that what he did was wrong, and he couldn’t do it on his own. I know that the hotels in northern Virginia they save rooms for people, who lost there house in a fire, or who are homeless, and have rooms for them with bathroom and a full service. I actually did a research paper about this at the community college that I went to. When I researched about the homeless, I had a friend she lived in the homeless, and I asked her what were the rules you had to go by in the shelter she told me that she had a curphew and she had to be back at the shelter by 10 pm. And that she could only bring a few clothes or a few items with her self. And she had to share bathrooms with other women. I feel like this is not fair, because this is something that happens daily in the United States. I can understand on what people go through, and the stress and the crisis that people go through. This is something should change because people need a place to sleep, and use the bathroom when they want to or even find resources for the homeless people to find a
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