Rules And Requirements Of The Records Required From A Hui Meeting

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A typical Agenda: 1
The Process and Regulations: 1
The records required from a hui meeting: 2
• a copy of the attendance register 2
• any apologies from those who may have wanted to attend and could not 2
• discussion items listed separately and a general overview of the discussion 2
• any decisions made 2
• any action items with timeframes and who is responsible 2
• records of people who have offered to help and exactly what they will be doing 2
• any data or data source that may assist the group in contacting those in the target population 2
• if there is to be another meeting, a record of the time and date 2
• a record of how people can get access to the minutes 2
• any other information that the group feels is relevant 2
(education, 2015) 2
Regulations and statutory requirements associated with such a meetings: 3
A typical agenda: 3
The process required for such meetings: 4
The records required for such meetings: 4
Bibliography 6

Formal Meeting Guide for two NZ Cultures, one to include Maori:
Part 1: Maori Culture:
A typical Agenda:
Hui is a Maori meeting or gathering. To discuss a meeting, this group has a problem in the series that is used to guide the bending process and include protocol. Hui can last the length of time from three days to one hour. Hui is also very difficult for recording, audio-visual, including written and verbal account may require the use of multiple methods. Absolutely central to Maori marae way of life, it is the focus
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