Rumble Fish Analysis

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What is young adult literature? Essentially, young adult literature is any type of book that a teenager or young adult chooses to read. The term adolescence novel is driven by the audience because publishers are going to produce novels that tend to these needs. This leaves the category very broad for authors to write. Authors believe that young adult literature tends to have a young protagonist who deals with problems other young people would have to deal with. S.E. Hinton is a master of her trade and has wrote many phenomenal novels including, The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. All of her writing focuses on young adult literature and teenage angst. Many of you may have thought Hinton is a male author from first glance at her name, but little…show more content…
All of her main characters were male dominant. The little parts females did play in her novels were not very important characters and did not get as much development or attention. Hinton enjoyed writing novels based on male characters and their lives. Both novels, Rumble fish and The Outsiders, are written in first person of a male character. Based on her writing style, Hinton wanted to have that illusion of people thinking she was a male author because she started writing her book, The Outsiders, when she was fifteen but did not publish it until she was sixteen. Wilson states that "the decision to use her initials was made by her publishers, who didn't necessarily want to advertise the fact that the writer of these tough-boy stories was a young woman" (8). Although Hinton published her first book at age sixteen, she has been writing since she was in the third grade and wrote two full novels before the tenth grade that were never published. This was just the beginning of her career. It normally takes authors to write a few novels in order to write one novel good enough to…show more content…
All throughout high school, Hinton read these books with happy-ever-after endings and non-sense story lines that were not realistic. She wanted to get down to the gritty books and talk about the real struggles young adults face and what it is really like to been a teen. When The Outsiders was first published, Hinton was an unknown writer and so was her novel. No one had ever seen a book written the way it was. "Hinton wrote it because she felt that all the books written for kids her age were not realistic - they just didn't ring true. She had moved beyond the cowboy and horse books in search of god teenage books, and she was very disappointed in what she found," states Wilson (14). In an interview with seventeen magazine Hinton stated that the books that were available to her in her school library did not deal with the real lives of teenagers and she wanted to read novels that showed teenagers outside of the fantasy world because life isn't full of sunshine and rainbows, people have real-life problems that are bigger than deciding on what dress to wear to prom. When she couldn't find any good young adult literature to read, she decided to write on
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