Rumi Essay

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Paper on Rumi’s thought: “Signs of the Unseen” & “Fundamentals of Rumi’s thoughts”

Mevlana Jalal al- Din Rumi is one of the most influential Islamic mystics of all times. It is no surprise that even seven hundred years after his death; he remains to be the best selling poet in North America. His poetry reflects the teachings of Islam and his opinions on various matters such as faith, prayer, love, free will etc. are assembled in a book called “The signs of the Unseen”. Occasionally, commentators dissociate Rumi poetry’s from Islam but the fact is that Rumi’s entire writings are inspired from the Quran and sayings of Prophet (PBUH) and represent the essence of Islam. Rumi sheds light on many
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His patience and endurance in terms of fasting were at an amazing level. Not only he preached the teachings of Islam through his poetry but also spent his life as a role model for all Muslims. His life depicted unshakable faith in God. Furthermore, Can mentions that Rumi performed his prayers with an open heart forgetting about himself and escaping his imaginary existence. Sipehsalar notes that “If I were to describe one tenth of Rumi’s ecstasy, love and divine attraction, it wouldn’t fit in this book”. Another important theme that is consistent in the “Signs of the unseen” is the annihilation of the ego as the only path to enlightenment and love. Rumi says that “With God, there is no room for two egos”. In order to become a true follower, one has to give up his ego and subject himself to God. Rumi’s writing style is such that he provides multiple anecdotes along with a concept to enhance comprehension and perception. In this particular case, he puts forth the example of the inability of two birds to fly when they are tied together. However, if a dead bird is tied to a living one, it will be able to fly since there is no duality. Likewise, man cannot attain eternal love and spiritual satisfaction unless he gives up his ego to follow the commands of the God whole heartedly. It is the ego that prevented Satan from appreciating God’s
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