Rumination: Causes and Treatment

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This disorder can have significant effects on our personal and social life and may make us incur heavy economic cost as well. Various cognitive processes have been considered for the recurrence of depressive mood. This particular area of psychology has attained a lot of attention in past 15 years (Papageorgiou & Wells, 2004).
Definitions Of Rumination

As per definition given by Rippere, rumination can be defined as,
" a vicious cycle where the patient keeps on thinking and rethinking about negative issues, develops negative mood. This further leads to dysphoria. Also it can cause major depressive disorder" (Rippere, 1977).

Also another definition was given by Martin and Tesser
"Rumination is a group of mindful feelings surrounding around a significant influential subject
. ( Martin & Tesser, 1996)"
Functions of Rumination

Various studies have been conducted on understanding the nature, causes and treatment of rumination. However it is important to understand its functions in the first place. Research has shown that rumination caused by depression can have hazardous…
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