Rumors In Pride And Prejudice

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When I read Pride and Prejudice, I saw many different themes, so it was hard for me to choose just one to focus on. I could have written this on the importance of family, marriages, or wealth, but I chose to focus on the effects that rumors and social classes have on our society. In my opinion, this is a huge part of the story and is still part of life for anyone and everyone. Starting at a young age we are put into groups by looks, athleticism and smarts. These groupings and stereotypes are everywhere. This book made me realize the effects that rumors and social classes have on our society. I learned about stereotypes and rumors in Pride and Prejudice and how these two ideas work together to form some pretty sad things. From pretty early…show more content…
The way Darcy was judged made me realize how often this happens in my life. Middle school is full of rumors and stereotyping. I am not a person to start rumors about someone else, but I do talk about the rumors that people have told. Sadly, I tend to stereotype people when I see them. I’ve always known that this wasn’t good, but reading this book made me realize the importance of getting to know someone. I’ve made lots of false predictions about how people are before I meet them because of their background. Since I will be going into high school soon, I am going to be meeting lots of new people. I will probably get “advice” on who I should and shouldn’t be friends with, but I am not going to get sucked into that. I want to meet new people and talk to them myself to learn about them. With social media these days, if we want to learn about someone we could just get online and hit search. Nevertheless, I am going to set a goal to meet new people with little outside opinions holding me back. I feel like lots of people are totally different when you get to know them. I can’t get brainwashed by all the rumors, so I am going to keep the message from Pride and Prejudice in the back of my
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