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Movie Analysis Run Lola Run Philosophy In the beginning credits of the movie, the last person we see is a plump Bank Guard with a soccer ball who states, "The ball is round. The game lasts ninety minutes. The rest is theory...” and then kicks the ball into the air into a crowd of strangers. Dispersing to move away from the ball this crowd of strangers forms the title of the film when viewed from above. This foreshadows the main themes following in the rest of the movie; the themes of time, strangers, chance, and how the human will can impose order on chaos. The movie Run Lola Run tells a story about a girl who gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni pleading for help, who has lost a huge amount of money after a drug deal due…show more content…
When the first interlude occurs, we have just finished watching Lola’s first run which turned out badly for her in that she gets shot. Consequently, it is Lola who expresses existential angst in her uncertainty about her attachment to Manny. The second run begins, with Lola having realized that she’ll need to commit to Manni if their love is to be for keeps, and in the end of this run Manni ends up dying. The following interlude now deals with Manni’s existential angst who is uncertain about their love and about dying. In the 3rd run through when both are confident in that love, all goes well and they end up living ‘happily ever after’. The different versions of the movie represent three alternatives that follow from three different states of the love relationship between these two individuals. The film, in a way, is illustrating “a world where anything can happen and where, as a consequence, nothing matters.” In another way, this film is illustrating is that life is a complex interaction between chance and order. Chance adds uncertainty to the direction of events, but order is imposed by a number of factors, including the human will. By the choices we make and the behaviors that support those choices, such as Lola does in each different scenario, we can overcome the randomness of chance events to some

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