Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer

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Run Lola Run' by Tom Tykwer is a stunning film incorporating an array of distinctively visual features. Distinctively visual texts are designed to manipulate the way we explore the images we see and affects the way we make interpretations of the experiences we encounter in the world. The distinctively visuals represented Tykwer’s film, is significantly strong as unique images dominate the screen to create a thrilling and suspenseful film. The story is told through images, symbols and motifs as there is a noticeably limited amount of dialogue. "I always start with an image" as quoted by Tykwer emphasising his unique ways of depicting his ideas. The most significant visual conveyed throughout 'Run Lola Run' is that of time. There are several references to the limited amount of time Lola has to save Manni from Ronnie and his gang. The film is played out in ‘real time’ as each run takes 20 minutes to complete, adding an atmosphere of realism and tension toward the viewer. Tykwer incorporates a variety of symbolic representations of time through the constant use of clocks. In the opening sequence, the viewer observes a large and dominating pendulum of the gargoyal clock swinging loudly from side to side. As Lola runs out of the apartment, we observe a clock in Lola's bedroom. Aslo, while Manni is waiting for Lola outside the phone booth, we constantly view him looking up at the clock outside reminding him of how much time he has left. This constant recurring image of clocks
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