Run as Fast as You Can

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“Run,” A voice screamed. I didn't recognize the deep, soft voice and I couldn't stop to see if I knew the face. My feet carried me as fast as they could. Run, please, please just keep your feet on the ground, My thoughts whispered. Then against my minds will, my feet slid away causing me to slam against the ground with such force that I decided to stay. My thoughts drifting away to a better place, a better time. When I didn't need to run away. Was that real? I thought to myself. then shook my head softly, in denial of something that I didn't even know. I was ripped away from my daydream much too soon. I could have stayed there, I would have been happy enough living in a dream. But I guess that he wouldn't be there, and even if it seemed like he was it wouldn't really be him. “Get up and run,” The voice said angrily, speaking to me once again, and a hand gripped my wrist right before I was jerked to my feet. “Run.” It repeated. I wanted to look. I wanted to see whose voice this was. If there was a chance I knew it. But my eyes were too busy making a path for my feet to follow. I could feel the danger brushing past me, through me, running wild in the air. It wrapped around my soul and pulled itself into me, finding a home. So I took off again, determined not to slip this time. But I wouldn’t get the chance, because as soon as I looked down I caught a glimpse of something on my hand and skidded to a halt. Hot. I held my hand up in front under my head
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