Runaway Children's Short Story: Omicron

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Upon reaching the decrepit district, Elis had tapped Lambert’s side and pointed to the taller buildings. Sure he’d be out of sight, but his tracker was on and so were his comms. He learned to never turn the off if he went to a nest, it took too long to radio otherwise. However, he knew that was the one thing he was good at and it was worth the risk to have in a position he was skilled in rather than have the cadet on the ground struggling to find his niche. At least for this mission. A promise to Lambert- yes he’d keep contact, yes he’d be careful, and yes, dad, he’d regroup at the first sign of trouble- later and Elis was already on the roof of one of the buildings. He’d use the fire escapes and crumbling walls to keep up with the squad.…show more content…
The one that parent’s get their runaway kids because the little shits can’t be trusted. Yeah, Gege needed one of those. The whole mission turned from “it’s a risk, but with good planning we’ll all come back” to how many bad decisions can Omicron make in one night. They weren’t going to get the ice cream. He couldn’t blame Gerard though, Elis would give him shit later; but he wouldn’t blame…show more content…
Not that his other statement did either. He zeroed in on their squad leader and scout, their medic a few feet away and the horde of Abami closing in. He took aim at the already injured Abami and fired straight and true, the Miracle built bullet tearing through it’s head. The cadet moved to the corner of the building, a chunk of concrete falling off under his weight and movement. Let’s hope that didn’t catch the ear of any more Abami. His scope was on the SOS victim again, taking count of the damage done already. Pick off the weak ones first, then the people up front could focus of the real threats. Two were already obviously injured, but he could keep sight on one. The other just out of reach, closer to the building than Elis’ perch granted him sight to. He took aim again and fired, catching the Abami’s front leg. It torn through and severed the leg from the rest of the body. “Shit,” he said to himself, having aimed at the canine Abami’s chest but missed. At least it wouldn't be able to move as easily or at all if they were

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