Runnin: A Narrative Fiction

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I was running, that much I know. I don’t know much about why, other than how good the breeze felt in my hair, or how the chill seemed to seep into my bones, clutching all the reasons and thoughts in my head and making them disappear. The park was nice this time of the year, during the day. Howbeit, it was night, and the only thing keeping me from huddling under a pile of leaves was the thought that I just needed to run. Why, I wonder? Suddenly, I ran into something, perhaps someone. Whatever it was, it was tough and felt like a brick wall. I broke out of my stupor with a squeaky ”Huh?” and looked up, faced with a boy seemingly years older than me, with greasy brown locks and piercing blue eyes. This mammoth of a boy looked down at me contemptuously and asked,” What’re you runnin’ from, kid?” That was a difficult question to answer, and I just stared at his face,”Dunno.” The brute snorted,” Heh, sound just like my lil buddy, not knowin’ nothin’”…show more content…
The same gringy fridge, tiny table, and a well written letter sitting in the middle of it.”Wait, letter?” I mumbled, and picked it up. The only mail we ever got was our bills and taxes, surely my dad would have ripped this up by now if it was one of those. I looked at the heading and my eyes went wide,” Child services?” How? What has my dad gotten into? I skimmed through it, in a crazed state.’ We have gotten reports of drunken shouts from your home… brought us to believe that something may be happening in there… after asking many of your neighbors they all admitted that they… and so, in conclusion, Keith T. Matthews will be removed from your home and will be put in a foster home until someone adopts him. You may come into our office at… or call us at… to discuss what options you have and what questions you…’My eyesight gets fuzzy and I can’t read anymore. My hands are shaking, and I think I feel something wet on my cheeks.I have to run, I have to get out of here, I have
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