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Running: An Integral Part of American Culture The running phenomenon has blended into society in many different aspects of our lives. This does not only include track and field, but also cross country, road-racing, and jogging for health and leisure. Many Americans make running an essential part of their day. Running is not only good for your heart and lungs, but it is very beneficial for relieving stress, keeping your metabolism high, and keeping you trim and muscular. Another expanding characteristic of running is using it as a social experience. It is a part of people’s routine to meet with friends and to catch up with one another. Track is a sport that is shadowed by the likes of football and basketball, but is…show more content…
It can be a medium in which one may see many friends or acquaintances on the running trails. There is also the competitive aspect of running. It is arguably one of the oldest sports alive, and a good race is always entertaining for most spectators. Competitive running exists on all levels. Young children can compete in age-group competitions up to the national level. High School State Championships are held throughout the country, with states like Texas and California attracting as many as 30,000 fans. A good high school prospect can earn a college scholarship (as I have) through running. The college scene has three different seasons (cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track). Competing at the collegiate level in every sport is a big adjustment for athletes. Coming from a background in high school, some athletes may have also participated in club teams. Some states have more stringent rules than others, but many athletes may even compete in world-wide competitions. This allows for an easier transition into college competition. It is a great experience for an athlete to be able to compete in the collegiate level, but it also entails many responsibilities as well. Athletes are rewarded with scholarships, which in turn is the salary that they are given for their extensive hours of training, traveling and competing. If a runner is at a top level, he/she can take

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