Running Argumentative Analysis

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Running, the mother exercise to all sports, has been a fundamental part of human society. We have been running since the dawn of human history, from ancient Greek marathoners to modern day Olympic sprinters. Our ancestors had run so much that running has been deeply embedded into our DNA and genes. Yet in today’s society, many people have established deep hatreds toward the word running, for they were instantly reminded of how tiresome, dull, and time-consuming running could be. However, their misunderstanding usually give them a wrong perception toward running, for running’s benefits actually surpasses its drawbacks. This article will be stressing on the importance of running and help some to see why men were created to run, for running benefits…show more content…
For instance, “running reduces stress by boosting levels of serotonin in your brain and creating a more positive mood” (Fritsen, 2010). In such a turbulent society we are in, it is so essential for us to remain stress free and not fall into the uncaring and ruthless system our current society. With running, it does the job of helping us form positive mood and remain peaceful in this angry world. Moreover, “ that just 30 minutes of running during the week for three weeks boosted sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day” (Van Allen, 2016). Rather than spending your leisure time watching TV, why not consider going around the neighborhood for a short jog? A short run may just be enough for some to relieve themselves from the bombardments of mental stresses they received for the day. Through the scientific evidence of increasing serotonin improvements of health through running, we can be sure that running does enhance one’s mind, further justifying the fact that human minds were designed to withstand from…show more content…
An example indicates that “...the brain holds us back from pushing past a certain point” (Lobby, 2009). This explains why so many people dislike running because their brain send signals of agony to their bodies when running motions are detected. Fortunately, this type of obstacle could be solved through psychological training of the brain. For instance, studies show that “making [running] a part of your daily routine can help combat unmotivating messages the brain throws at you” (Lobby, 2009). As we psychologically pushed our bodies to run daily, slowly but steadily, running would become much easier to handle. Especially in this cut-throat competitive society, people with weak psychological minds could easily be overwhelmed by anxieties and burdens this system stimulates. Therefore, it is crucial for people to implement a strong psychological mind, and running could be an excellent way to improve our minds
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