Running Away from Home

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At that time, teenagers are seeking their identity. In the process of self-development, they usually become very sensitive and susceptible, so they need help and attention from their closest people, especially parents or family. Then, because of their susceptibility they often do something without thinking carefully. For example many teenagers are run away from home, and many reasons that cause them to run away from home.
The first cause is abuse and violence in the family, this is maybe the most reason why children run away from home. Physical or mental abuse will cause a serious trauma to them. They will run away because they are hoping out there no one will ever hurt them again. Sometimes it could be because of their overprotective parents or even because of a dissent over curfew. They usually want freedom in their life, but every parent has their own rules. Many of them feel the rules are too curbing them so they decide to run away from home.
And then, family conflict such as parental divorce is also one of the reasons they are not comfortable being at home. They will feel unwanted or unloved by their parents. They also feel guilty or blame themselves so they no longer want to stay at home. Sometimes, parents are imposing their will without thinking about their child feelings. For example, many parents do the arranged marriage and always…
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