Running Back To The Army: Personal Narrative

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response... Five weeks. That's all it was. Five weeks. Five weeks without talking to you, five weeks without your touch, your voice, your eyes staring into mine, and that cocky smirk that you always wore on your face that I always fought the urge to wipe off. Oh yeah, why weren't we talking? Honestly, I didn't know anymore, but I refused to be the one to back down, to be the one runs back to you- no matter how much I want to. I didn't really think I was going to talk to you, not until it passed the sixth week because a girl can hold back for so long -ahem, I meant you, yeah, you-, but there was something off today. Something really off, and I was going to get to the bottom of it. I found out from Simon that you deployed yourself to the…show more content…
Dave died yesterday, you know. Wait, that's stupid. Of course you didn't know, you're still in the army for God's sake! He had a Heart Attack, the doctors said it was of stress. Now, I really don't want to make this your fault but I think it is, without you leaving, Simon wouldn't have locked himself in the lab downstairs and only allowed Jeanette to come in there after a few weeks of persistent asking; Theodore wouldn't have just been sitting outside, staring at the grass and ignoring everything that was happening in the universe with a sad expression on his face; Jeanette wouldn't have become clingy because she didn't want to lose her sisters as well; Eleanor wouldn't have gotten a hit on the head during soccer practice because she was too distracted with everything that was going on in life; and I wouldn't have put up this act of acting like I was happy and glad you were gone when it was the exact opposite. Maybe you didn't realise what kind of effect you had on our lives, and neither did we, until you were gone. I can only hope that you're out there,
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