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Does Running Burn Belly Fat Well, does running burn belly fat or are you just getting your heart rate up by running? It’s a legitimate question because the first thing people do when they want to lose weight is to go on a diet and buy a pair of running shoes. Yeah, you purchase those great looking new running shoes and then set out to run a marathon because you could stand to lose 30 pounds and running a marathon is on your bucket list, so why not? No doubt that marathons are a great motivator to keep running and that the number of 26 mile events out there seems to double every year. However, if you decent to lace up and keep putting one foot in front of the other does running burn belly fat? The Marathon: Does Running Burn Belly Fat? There…show more content…
Like I said many people looking to lose belly fat jump into training for a marathon thinking it will tighten their tummy and they are simply wrong. Fat loss is one of the last benefits associated with steady long distance running. Does Running Burn Belly Fat or Cause Injuries? When one looks at the number of people who start training for marathons and triathlons, the injury rate is staggering. Stress fractures, shin splints, respiratory and heart issues can become a problem. Not because running is bad for you, rather because the last time you got up and ran was probably during 10th grade gym. Completing an endurance race is a great goal, but it should be something you work toward after completing a few 5K walk/run races. Furthermore, you should get to know a few marathon racers and talk to them about developing an endurance running workout strategy. Why Doesn’t Running Burn Belly Fat? Mainly because it becomes predictable to the body. That’s right, a well-known study revealed that interval training (i.e mixing it up) is a more effective in weight loss than steady long-distance running. In fact the study revealed that those who trained utilizing interval training lost as much as 9 times body fat than those in

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