Running Central Based On Athletic Footwear Industry

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The main competitors that we determined for Running Central based on the athletic footwear industry in the Peoria area were Dick’s Sporting Goods, Finish Line, and Champs Sports. Secondary competitors could be considered places like Wal-Mart, Shoe Carnival, Payless, Shoe Dept., and DSW who sell but aren’t specialized in athletic shoes. Due to the fact that Peoria has a lot of primary and secondary competitors for Running Central, we determined that there is an overstored market. In order to stay competitive in an overstored market, Running Central has focused on non-price actions that are exclusive to their store and will drive sales and profits; this being through their extraordinary customer service.

Running Centrals biggest strengths
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They participate in things like donating 500 pairs of shoes to Manuel High School and being involved in training and sponsoring events like the Steamboat Classic. This is something not seen by large, corporate stores.
A sustainable competitive advantage is only sustainable if it is unique and not able to be copied by the competitors. We would consider their competitive advantage to be difficult to reproduce. For a big box store to copy Running Central they would have to spend a lot of time redesigning their store, values, and employee training in order to build connections to the community and increase the level of service they provide their customers. In being located all over the United States, they would have to also be able to provide that same level of service and community contribution to every location.

Promotional Mix Analysis
As a big box store, we understand why Dick’s Sporting Goods uses a traditional promotional mix consisting of advertisements and sales promotions. They are targeting the mass market and being a chain store, they’re looking to build a brand recognized all over the nation and have advertisements and sales promotions designed the same for all the stores. Running Central is going to promote very differently due to them being a locally owned specialty retailer. Adam White is proud to say their best promotion is word-of-mouth from their customers. He believes that because of their differentiated strategy, a print ad

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