Running Club Research Paper

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I had heard about the running club about being advertised through via email. I wanted to see what it was always about because I’ve been wanting to get back in shape. So, I decided to go to the meeting to try it out to see if this would be something that I want to do. The meeting was supposedly held outside of Rinker in the pit. I was actually very excited to go that day because of the anticipation piling up as the time got closer. When I had gotten to the meeting, thankfully, I had seen a couple of my friends who had chosen to go. My first impression of the leader of the running club, was that he seemed very nice and also corky. I truly did think that this would be a really great club to join after he talked more about it. He had explained that there were different categories from the running club that we could choose. There was the expert, advanced, couch-5k, and the walking group. For me, I was personally the couch-5k because I had not run since junior year of high school for the track team. I thought this would be the perfect in-between group for…show more content…
The first day was kind of intimidating because my friends had not shown up, so I was by myself. I ended up being the only one that belonged in the couch-5k group because there weren’t that many people that had shown up. So that day, the leader had me run/walk along the intercostal for 20 minutes. I had felt like this group was almost pointless for me to be in because I was by myself anyways, and it was a workout that I could’ve thought of. But, I had decided to give it another try, because I really was determined to get in shape. The next time I had gone, it had progressively gotten better. There was a girl who had shown up that was friendly, and happened to be in my group, and I got to know her better. Running with someone definitely makes running more enjoyable, and they can push you to run
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