Running From the Sunset; Going East

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In 1961, Dad recognized that Betsy’s high school graduation presented an opportunity for the whole family to convene on the East coast for the summer. I was scheduled to enter a boarding school in Maine in the fall. Spending the summer in New York meant Dad could drive me to Hebron Academy when the new school year began in September. “You mean we're actually going to Comfort Island after all these years of talking about it?” I asked Dad. “Yes, Tad, I finally sold your mother on the idea. We will attend Betsy’s graduation from Miss Hall’s School in Massachusetts then drive to Alexandria Bay to spend the summer on Comfort Island.” I thought back to the day in 1956 when my dad and I scanned the 1885 photo of Comfort Island with the magnifying glass. I wondered then and for the five years that followed if we would ever make the trip there as he promised. My older sister, Betsy, had visited Comfort Island briefly with Mom and Dad in 1948 after completing first grade, but my other sister, Deborah, was only one at the time, and I was two. We weren’t invited to go. Instead, we stayed home in California with a very sweet nanny named Field. I have Dad’s diaries dating from 1960-1975, which allows me to record these early years with greater accuracy. Each diary covers a five-year span. The leather bound journals are six inches high and four-and-one-half inches wide. There are four lines allotted for recording the events for each of the five years. Dad was quite proficient at packing

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