Running Head: Accessibility Of Healthcare For Undeserved

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Accessibility of Healthcare for Undeserved Populations
Institution: Introduction
Skewed provision of healthcare services to common populations is not a new issue in the world. in the developed world, social stratification of populations goes beyond social borders; deep into service provision in hospitals. Probably unethical, provision of inequitable services to undeserved populations has craved its way deep into the healthcare industry. According to Gresenz, Derose, and Ringel (2011), the undeserving populations detail the group of people that face numerous challenges than the general population in accessing needed and timely services in the
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The studies established that racial and ethnic minorities mostly receive poor quality care, have poor access to healthcare, and experience greater health deficits compared to their white counterparts. The predisposing features, taken from the same data, further indicate that Blacks, Alaska Natives, and American Indians receive poor quality care when compared with the Whites within the core measures of 40 percent. The Hispanics were the recipients of poorer quality of care in comparison with the non-Hispanic whites, on 60 percent of the core measures (BPHC, 2015). The disparity figures keep on rising every day. Further, there is an estimated 40 million poor people who live in the United States. This number is contributed to by 24% of blacks; Hispanics contributes to 21% of the poor people, 10 for Asians as whites constitute 8% percent of the poor population (BPHC, 2015). Notably, poor people record worse access to healthcare services compared to the high income population segments on all core measures. Quantitatively, poor people access lower quality of care on about 80% of all the core measures (Bureau of Primary Health Care, 2015). Questions are therefore asked of whether the healthcare industry should be segmented based on some criteria that favor some segments over the other. By taking a look at the different nursing theories below, the healthcare industry may learn a

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