Running Head : Arguing A Moral Stance

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Running head: ARGUING A MORAL STANCE 1 Arguing a Moral Stance Dawn Phillips Patten University ARGUING A MORAL STANCE 2 Arguing a Moral Stance For a moment we can imagine two well qualified individuals interviewing on the same day for open positions as buyers for a major department store. They both hold college degrees, have similar work experience and both speak Spanish as a second language. They are both married, are the sole financial provider for their family, have one child and are home-owners. The positions are essentially identical, except one will be buying for household goods and furnishings and the other will be buying for electronics and appliances. The job description and expectations for both positions are also identical, these are salaried positions with the possibility of earning bonuses after an initial sixty day orientation period. Both of these individuals have great interviews and are hired. They both start with the company on the same day. After they had been working for a little over three weeks, there is an issue with the company computer system which affects the different departments in varying degrees. In the department that handles payroll, they can make the electronic direct deposits but they are unable to post electronic versions of paycheck stubs to employees’ personal files and they must send each employee a paper version. As the payroll department begins stuffing envelopes, one employee is distracted by a co-worker who has an urgent question

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