Running Head : Cardiac Arrest

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Running head: Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest
Dylan Noble
Utah Valley University
Captain Steve Allred
Paramedic 3110 Intro
“Each year, 326,200 people in the U.S. experience EMS-assessed out-of-hospital non-traumatic sudden cardiac arrest, and nine out of ten victims die.” ( 1) This number may seem quite low, but in the end one out of ten lives saved is still better than none.
This paper will be going over a scenario involving a real patient and what things could have been different with EMS care. It will also be covering what exactly cardiac arrest is and what rhythms produce it. And for every cardiac rhythm in cardiac arrest, there is a specific treatment plan paramedics can follow.
The day started off normally. I got to the station early at 0645 and started to talk to some of the guys working. There were a couple guys I just met that day. Then I started to get all my stuff ready for the day. I put all my gear on the ambulance and started on the daily checks for our rig. The daily checks consist of checking the lights and sirens, fluids, and making sure all our supplies are in the compartments and in the bags. As I started going through the monitor bag with the electrocardiogram (EKG), we get a call to a male in his 40’s unresponsive and not breathing. Everyone jumped into the rigs and we rushed off to the scene code three. We were en route to a residence to the south. When we arrived we looked for the address but it did not

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