Running Head: Cultural Diversity Better Employee Diversity1.

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Running Head: Cultural Diversity better Employee Diversity 1
Cultural Diversity better Employee Diversity 7

Cybermate Infotek Limited Should Overcome
Cultural Diversity Issues to Increase Employee Retention

MS 611 - Project Done by Harikrishna Nimmaneni
Partial fulfillment of Degree.

Table of Contents
I. Abstract - Experience in the company - Change Proposition
II. Introduction - Understanding the culture - Adjusting the diversity
III. Define Problem - Existing Culture of the company - Change to the culture ? Success.
IV. Body of Paper - The existing culture of the company ? In detail - The culture adjustment required - The location based and understanding the culture - Immediate change and time
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Experience in the company: My experience with the company as a part of an integral part of the organization and understand the company as an insider and to understand the environment, associating with the company has provided a broader view, a challenging understanding of the need to change the cultural diversity to help new employees feel comfortable. The existing employees to associate smooth transition to work and with new colleagues to help one another to grow and bring profit to the company and to their own careers helping one another.
Change Proposition: The proposition for the change in the cultural diversity listed in this paper and following the implementation will give a different dimension to change and growth in all fields helping employees to retain and build a rapport with the company. Helps the clients to trust the company and helping the management take a risk in business with trust on employees and their talents due to retention.
The company in question is Cybermate Infotek, and indulged in local and global projects and has diverse cultural employees. The management has incorporated many projects globally and has many employees from different cultures that work in diversity in the company, but the company is struggling to retain employees, as they do not have any diversity in the cultural aspects. Hillary Clinton said, ?What we have to
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