Running Head : Dynamic Writing

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Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas
Joshua Dresser
University of Phoenix

Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas
This paper will explore dynamic writing in the content area of music through the use of writing-to-learn strategies and fulfill the requirements of the third option of the Dynamic Writing in the Content Areas assignment in RDG543. A brief survey of journaling strategies found online will be reviewed, various journaling techniques will be examined in the context of a typical learning objective for a high school music appreciation course, and strategies for pairing ICTs and journaling will be outlined. For structural organization and clarity, a detailed explanation of each assignment component will be listed under the section headings of this paper.
Review of Internet Sources When researching online examples of journaling in the music content area, the most common results found were lesson plans authored by teachers, graduate students, and school boards in the form of PDFs and documents. The point of the online search was to uncover types of journaling strategies, many of which are outlined in the textbook Content Area Reading, catered specifically for the music content area. The online search did not yield research-based, online resources for journaling strategies to increase achievement specifically in music, but did yield some articles and lesson plans relevant to this area…

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