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Running head: GROUP 3 DB12 RESILIENT LEADERSHIP 1 GROUP 3 DB12 RESILIENT LEADERSIP 4 Discussion Board 12: Group 3, Resilient Leadership Brandon McCallister, Michael Munn, Scott Nealy, Morounke Onabule, Nathan Porter Liberty University Resilient Leadership Throughout this course, most of the subject matter focused on, or related to, the art and science of successful management and leadership. Robert Dees’ book ‘Resilient Leaders’ is about the qualities it takes to not only be a successful leader, but to bounce back when times are difficult. True leadership stands the tests that time throws its way. The takeaways and lessons learned are valuable in every aspect of life which involves working with others and managing hostile,…show more content…
415). Without goals to achieve, employees will likely adhere to the status quo. By maintaining the status quo, organizations can fail to grow, see the future, and can ultimately end up falling behind in the respective field they are in. “Markets are subject to rapid change and fierce competition, and in these settings, long-term performance arguably depends on an organization’s ability to think differently” (Perkins, Lean & Newberry, 2017, p. 1). Selflessness “Selfless leadership is difficult to achieve, but in terms of the public interest, it is essential” (Brookes, 2014, p. 211). Serving your employees is critical to success in any organization. If employees noticed that leaders were only looking out for themselves, they may stop working as hard, and the organization for which they work may ultimately lose valuable, otherwise productive employees. As stated in Matthew 20:16, (version) “so the last will be first, and the first last,” the leader, who is first in command, should think of themselves last, and the employees should be first to receive attention from the leader. Integrity Integrity is a core character of being a leader. Employees want to know that their leader is worthy of their trust. A leader with integrity will likely be highly respected and withstand the test of time. As described by Dees (2013), “integrity on a higher plane is the seamless integration of faith, family, and profession

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