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Holistic Nursing
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The unprecedented growth in the world technological scope in the biomedical discipline has led to high specialization in the health sector making almost all disease curable. Contrary to curing a myriad of diseases, there are several ailments that require long-term rehabilitation process. Contemporarily, health in the medical field is intertwined concept with individual well-being in a given set up rather than what many are accustomed to as the absence of ailments with the presence of diseases
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Background information
Concept Analysis and understanding
Understanding the meaning of the concept holistic may be subjective hence need to understand the concept, or else it may dilute the relevance of their use in practice. According to McBrien (2006), exquisite definition and understanding are key to helping implementation of terms in question and their ultimate application in research support and theory development. Even though there lie several baselines for concept analysis, Rogers (1989), a qualitative approach ideal for it gives an inductive and dynamic perspective into the theoretical analysis, unlike the more restrictive and inductive quantitative analysis. Holism is a concept that ha for ages been synonymous with the nursing practice and has undergone a transformation over time. Roger (1989) supports this through the recognition that theories are subject to influence by use and time factors. This is further backed up by Cutliffe and Mckenna (2007) when they insinuated that ideas use real life mode situations to show traits, antecedents, and effects of the concept. Below is Rodgers (1989) framework used in concept analysis The Term Holistic Nursing/Holism
According to Griffen (1993), the term Holism originates from a Greek word, Holos which means whole. Kennedy (2001) in his studies on Greek dialects reported that health and health were stemmed from Greek word ‘Hale’ which further means whole. Therefore, Holism, healing, and health are terms that are
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