Running Head : Illegal Immigration

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Running head: Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal Immigration in the United States Lolia Iscoa
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

More than 55 million immigrants have settled in the U.S. since the nation’s founding. With the exception of Native Americans, everyone living in the U.S. is either an immigrant or the descendent of voluntary or involuntary immigrants. However, some blame every problem this nation faces these days on immigration. Problems such as economic hardships are blamed on immigration because immigrants take all the jobs. Political turmoil and war are on the list as well. What is actually true and what is myth? Illegal Immigration: The Crisis in the United States Illegal immigration in the United States happens to be one of the most talked and analyzed subject by Americans. They believe every Hispanic is here illegally. Although many are and they are not mistaken, some are not. As an immigrant I have to apply for a renewal every two years. Renewing my status consist of paying an application fee, submitting various documents, and proving my contributions to this country. I am asked about my assets, they request my tax returns, bank account information, and a criminal background check. Even with doing all this I still have to hear Donald Trump say I am a murderer and a drug dealer.
How Bad are Immigrants?
What if you weren’t born here? Would you love this country any less? I don’t believe I would. However, it is
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