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Literacy Case Study: Angel Juarez Age: 7
Alexandria Wallace
04 April 2017
Arizona State University

Literacy Case Study
Background Information/ Observational Notes/ Interview
Background Information The reason for this case study is to assess the reading skills of a 2nd grader, Angel. He is a seven-year-old boy. The areas of assessment will include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension. It was discussed that he just did not perform well on DIBELS. However, after seeing this result more than once, it was said by his teacher, Ms. C., that he is a struggling reader, well below benchmark. Angel attends Isaac E Imes Elementary School located
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He remains on task, even when others in his group are distracted or off task. This is definitely a strength to his character as a learner. Angel’s weakness is that he is shy. His shyness often interferes with him seeking help with reading when needed. His interaction with peers is very respectful. He does not cause any conflicts with anyone. He tries to help others stay on task during reading centers. In regard to how he learns, Angel works really hard at completing tasks on his own. The reading centers help him to learn from others as well. The reading strategy Angel used during the observation was breaking apart words to sound them out before blending the words together.
Reading Inventory The Burke Reading Interview with Angel took place on February 17, 2017 in the back of the classroom, at the round table. This interview introduced Angel to the subject of reading and allowed him to talk freely about what he liked and disliked about reading, as well as experiences that he has had with reading in the past. Angel says that he learned to read through reading little, easy books and from his mom and dad who would read to him every night. He said that they continue to read to him every night. He believes that he is a good reader because he practices reading every day. He claims that when he comes to something that he does not know, he just asks the teacher and never does anything else to figure it out. My observation of
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