Running Head : Man 's Best Friend

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Running head: Man’s Best Friend Man’s Best Friend Louren Elizondo Palo Alto College Man’s Best Friend According to a scientific study that originated in Japan, “dogs and their owners experience surges in oxytocin, a hormone responsible for maternal caring, when they look into each other’s eyes” (Ian). The same hormone has been shown to spike in mothers’ brains when they look into their children’s eyes. Perhaps, this hormone is the reason that dogs have been considered to be “man’s best friend” for years. Perhaps, dogs and humans are more similar than we’d like to think. Did you know, similar to humans and their races, there are hundreds of different dog breeds in the world? Every dog in the world, just like every human, is made up of its own characteristics and personalities. Ivan Pavlov didn’t have a particular fondness for dogs, but little did he know that through his experimentation with dogs and their neurological reflexes, he was going to reveal the similarities of conditioning abilities within animals and humans. There were many people that influenced Pavlov and lead him on to experimenting with classical conditioning in dogs. One of Pavlov’s main influences was Charles Darwin. Darwin was a scientist who had many theories he was known for but one of the most widely known was his theory about evolution. Darwin’s evolutionary theory was based upon the main idea of natural selection that occurred in breeding, he believed that, during the process of
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