Essay on Running Head: Rapid Ethnographic Assessment

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ANTH 350 7980 Health, Illness, and Healing (2158) 11-19-2015 Stage 1: Ethnographic Assessment An inventory of health/illness related product in the household In an ordinary household, it is common to find medication, medical devices, and or food supplements associated to a specific health-related condition or illness. An assessment of my household reveals the following products: Prozac Paxil Amoxicillin Furosemide Esmilol Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Pottassium, iron Ambien Lunesta Percodan Panadol Cough syrup Anti-Acid Thermometer Nebulizer Blood Pressure Monitor Hearing Aid Anti-septic Weight management magazine First-Aid Guide book Organic cook foods Fresh fruits and vegetables Health-Seeking Behavior *…show more content…
You need to allow your body to rest and you need to eat right Me: I do rest dad and I eat when I can Dad: If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.You need to engage in proper feeding, rest and exercise. Mum: You should start by taking a heavy breakfast every like I always tell me Me: That is so hard to accomplish with my busy schedule. I prefer to grab a cup of coffee on my way out and am good Available Resources * My family enjoys reduced gym rates at the local gym facility since my parents made significant financial contribution to its constructions. The discounted rates motivate every family member to visit the gym. * My family has also struggled to manage a family health insurance policy as they are very expensive. In most instances, the family has to top up the medical bill as the medical cover is not adequate. The realization that an unforeseen illness can drain the family’s finances motivates all family members to be cautious of their health. * We strive to keep warm during the cold season. * We also strive to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Every Saturday, my family sets time aside for physically engaging family activities such as bike riding and basketball. The monthly community competitions also ensure that the family engages in family and individual sports activities. * We also strive to eat organic home-made meals * Engagement in Yoga * Take a day

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