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Running head: RESPONSE PAPER 1 RESPONSE PAPER 3 Advanced Criminological Theory Nathan Kelley Arizona State University Response Paper Crime in the 20th century has become one of the most widely studied areas of research. Today, I am going to briefly outline some of the theories of crime that are used to study the subject. What I will be evaluating these theories against will be small scale property crime such as theft. Classical theory states that crime is committed when there are more benefits to committing the crime than punishments. It also states that crime is a choice and is done with free will (Beccaria, 2013). Positivist’s theory says that biological defects are what lead to crime (Lombroso, 2013). Additionally, that criminal’s had…show more content…
As well, it says that if the behavior is reinforced that it will be repeated and likely become habitual (Sutherland & Cressey, 2013). If this theory is used in the right context, it can explain why individuals commit property crime. Through a series of socializations and delinquent acts a person can become reinforced in their actions of property crime. An example would be a younger sibling watching his older sibling stealing a bike and getting away with it. This reinforces to the younger sibling if he chooses to steal a bike that he too may get away unscathed. According to Warr & Stafford (1991) the effect of the behaviors of friends vs the attitude of friends had a 2.5 to 5 times greater effect on their peers. Subculture theory suggests that there are “decent families” and “street families” the difference being their values. Decent families reflect mainstream values that tend to counteract the negative effect of the area they live in. Street families tend to oppose the mainstream society and they value violence, manliness, and toughness (Anderson, 2013). This theory doesn’t necessarily explain why property crime happens, but I do feel it explains the categories of people who may commit it. Since decent families reflect mainstream values I think this would lead me to believe these are not the type of people committing property crimes. With street families and their victim or

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