Running Head : Westco Diversity Case

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Running head: WESTCO DIVERSITY CASE Westco Diversity Case Maria Stockinger MGT 291 Miami University Abstract Kyle Roberts, the Vice President of Westco Enterprises, was faced with a dilemma when two of his employees, Susan Thompson and Oscar Hernandez, had come forward with complaints about their manager, John Tucker. They both believed they were being discriminated against, restricting them from advancing within Westco Enterprises. This paper explores the factors that contribute to the issue at hand, ways in which the situation should be handled and future precautions that can be taken to avoid similar issues. Westco Diversity Case As the Vice President of Westco Enterprises, Kyle is put in a tough situation…show more content…
In Oscar’s situation, he believes that he is being discriminated because he is Latino. Oscar emigrated to the U.S from Mexico when he was nine years of age, but worked extremely hard to receive his MBA. After being at Westco for four years, Oscar had an interest in the Retail Promotions Manager position, which he brought up to John. However, during their conversation Oscar describes it to be “very awkward” (Manzo). John explained that he didn’t think Oscar was a good fit for the position, but again never clearly stated any specific reasons why. Finally, there’s John’s side of the story. When John had a meeting with Kyle, John denied any wrongdoing and stood by his decisions. John explained that the MDP was a noteworthy investment and that Susan, compared to others, hadn’t been as committed. As for Oscar, he stated that Westco had taken years to develop relationships among it’s customers and “having someone with an accent like Oscar’s” (Manzo) wouldn’t be a good representation of the company. Overall, he believed that his decisions were justified, and that they were not coming from a place of discrimination. From looking at all three perspectives, it is evident that there is a major conflict; however there are flawed organizational factors that contribute to the issue. To start, it is evident that Kyle Roberts takes pride in being a good leader, with an “open-door” policy, which is extremely important in a large company. However, there are some

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