Running On The Empty By Peter G. Peterson

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The title of the book "Running on empty", by Peter G. Peterson tells what really happens behind the scenes of both Democratic party and Republican party, and how in their own way they are bankrupting our future. "Running on Empy" provides a cogent look at americans political, and physical deterioration describing the financial crisis in the United States. Having hands on experience with this several political and govenment views Mr. Peterson discuss how our country is totally in debt and how we as americans can rebuild our future. Being a republican Peterson calls out mistakes made by both parties being equally irresponsible and presenting nonpartisan solutions. As a Democrate I believe that the democratic party focuses more on everyone being equally happy and healthy and ignores the fact that they could help the financial crisis by decreasing some of the social programs they 've created that help people in our society. I truly believe that some of the programs that were created by the democrats have cost our citizems an exponential amt of money, with minimal improvement to our society. Also , a lot of these elected programs have handicapped our society. I personally believe that if you teach a person to fish , they will always eat. But, if you just feed people the fish you 've caught , it promotes laziness and the people will eventually starve. My take on this comparison is that the democrats only supply the fish to the less unfortunate and the Republicans teach the less…

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