Running for Texas Senator

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If Jennifer Alvarado was running as a Texas Senator, she would do everything in her capability to defeat her opponents and successfully win the election. In the process of a successful campaign, Jennifer would strive to have an appropriate number of campaign staff; meaning many volunteers as well as a strong consultant and campaign manager to use a wise strategy to win the election. She would raise funds months beforehand to be prepared for the election. Jennifer would contact organizations or groups which have the same beliefs as she does, and she would advertise herself in most of, if not all the public media. A Campaign is efficient when the available staff is dedicated and appropriate. Fourteen staff members are barely enough if…show more content…
If it is already legal in one state it should be legal in all states, it is only fair. Marijuana is legal in a few states such as Colorado and Washington. These are the only two states that have legalized it for “recreational” use, for ones enjoyment. According to the Governing the States and Localities website, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, and of course, California are just some of the states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana (Governing the States and Localities). As an American citizen, I believe if it is “right” or “legal” in one state it should remain as it is on the other states. Therefore, since it is legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, it should be available to all of the states in America, including the states with legal medical use. I believe it definitely needs to be a federal issue; it isn’t fair for the drug to be handed in some states and prohibited in others. American citizens should have the right to obtain marijuana regardless of what state they live in, it should be legal for all states! Either way, it will happen illegally if we do not legalize it. The federal government doesn’t realize that people are and will still be doing or having a way of obtaining marijuana regardless of it being legal or illegal. This is valuable time and money we (and the federal government) are wasting debating on the issue
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