Running with Scissors Review Essay

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Kevin Cole October 23, 2011 Period 5 AP Psychology Book Review Running With Scissors: A Memoir Hello, as you probably know each quarter I am required to read a book for the course AP Psychology. For this quarter, I chose the book Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. The publisher of the book is St. Martin’s Press in the United States and it was published in the year of 2002. The author of the book is also the subject of the book due to it being a memoir. He is qualified to write this book because he is writing about himself and his own life. He may be biased due to the fact that he is writing about himself. He may try to exaggerate details of his life that he deems positive and he may also try to downplay or even remove the…show more content…
Finch. Dr. Finch seems to be a rather normal physiatrist when he is first introduced, but this image is quickly removed and replaced with a much more accurate vision of him that will be explained in greater detail throughout this review. Eventually Augusten’s parents divorce and entire life begins to take a completely different path. His mother begins to second guess her sexuality and sends Augusten to live with the Finch family so that she may set her life to the way that she wishes it to be. Augusten is introduced to an entirely new way of living life. Dr. Finch believes that at age 13 a person is an adult and cannot be told what to do anymore. As a result, there are many odd occurrences in the Finch household, such as Augusten and the youngest Finch daughter, Natalie removing the roof of the kitchen to build a skylight. Augusten’s mother Deidre does not seem to be helpful at all when it comes to helping her son through his rather unorthodox childhood. She is rather self-absorbed and is mentally unstable, which is not a good combination to rearing a child successfully. She also has to grapple with her own hectic life, which includes such things as having an affair with a local minister’s wife, or having a yearly breakdown every spring. One of the major points of the story including Augusten’s mother is hear relationship with Dorothy. Dorothy is a wealthy African-American woman who
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