Rupi Kaur As A Hero Essay

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People paint heroes in colors and words seemingly out of nowhere; however, these heroes are real in their own way. They may not have the superpowers, if they do have them, as described and shown, but there are qualities that were admired enough for them to be created. Heroes are very much real, not just something in a book. They are also human with human designs and faults. This makes them likable because not everyone is perfect and heroes acknowledge that themselves, no matter how much they are idolized. Examples of heroes are your parents, other relatives, people in the military, firefighters, policemen, musicians, characters, and authors. They are everywhere in your daily life if you just look around, real or not. Such as author Rupi Kaur and character Gabi Hernandez. Rupi Kaur is a regular woman currently living in Canada. Before she came to Canada, she lived in India and emigrated to Canada with her family at the age of four. She has said that ever since she was young, she loved painting and writing because it was the way her mother encouraged her when she had no friends and could not speak English. When she finally could speak English, she took to making short poems for her friends. This furthered her love for words and drawings as she grew and eventually she took to social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram. It was on Instagram where she gained popularity for series of photos presenting menstrual cycles explaining that some cultures shame the
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