Essay about Rural Education

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Rural Education Where a child grows up and which high school they attend greatly affects further education and employment. Higher education, including college and vocational schooling, factors into employment opportunity. Research has shown that schools in rural areas have far less resources for students interested in attending college, providing less opportunity for students pursuing higher education. Wilsonville High School, located the city of Wilsonville just south of Portland, Oregon, represents a typical urban high school in an upper-middleclass city. In contrast, Cottage Grove High School, located in the small rural town of Cottage Grove, southwest of Eugene, Oregon supports a much lower income community. Both schools differ…show more content…
In the State of Oregon, a family of four must make $30,800 or less annually to qualify for reduced meals, while the same family earning $21,700 or less annually would qualify for free meals. Cottage Grove High School has far more students eligible for free or reduced meals (44%) than Wilsonville High School (12%). The percentage of students eligible for free or reduced meals at Wilsonville High School is slightly higher than the district average of 10.5 percent, but much lower than Clackamas county (at 25.9%), which includes much of the Portland metropolitan area. The number of students eligible for free or reduced meals at Cottage Grove High School, however, is lower than the district average of 53.7 percent and slightly higher than Lane County’s 39 percent. The free and reduced statistics are reinforced by poverty levels: 17 percent of Cottage Grove families earn wages under the poverty level, surpassing the state average by 33 percent. Comparing the students at both high schools clearly determines that on average, students at Wilsonville high school come from families than earn higher incomes than students at Cottage Grove High School. Testing: Standardized and SAT Oregon requires students statewide in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 to participate in testing in the areas of math, reading, and writing. The tests provide a
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