Rural Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria

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In addressing this topic; Rural Poverty Alleviation, it is necessary to define each of the words in this phrase. Efforts will therefore be made to clearly describe/define the following words; Rural, Poverty, and Alleviation.
To define what is rural is daunting task, because the word rural is an inexact term that can mean different thing to different people. For example, what is considered rural in a place like United States of America and United Kingdom may not resemble what is considered rural in a place like Nigeria and other West Africa countries. However, for the purpose of this paper efforts will be made to describe the word Rural and the general Characteristics of rural areas.
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While advances are made in the area of communications and information technology and substantial growth recorded in this sector, but sadly no parallel investment was made by both the government and the private investors on poverty alleviation. The aforementioned and those outlined below are some of the factors contributing to the rural poverty in Nigeria.
Neglect of agriculture:
Before the discovery of oil in Nigeria, agriculture used to be the main sources of revenue and foreign exchange earning for government but regrettably this has been neglected. And since this is the major occupation of the rural people, their income has been the decline ever since.
Neglect of infrastructure:
There has been a deliberate neglect of infrastructure facilities in the rural areas. Basic amenities such as road network, piped water, primarily health care centers, electricity, schools etc are all contributing factors to the rural poverty.
Lack of poverty programme coordination:
Various levels of government are claiming to be doing one thing or the other to reduce the suffering of the rural dwellers; the Federal, the State, and the Local government, but lack of proper coordination of their programmes make the impact not be felt by the rural community.
Lack of government commitment:
No serious commitment on the part of the government to the rural
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