Rural Tourism in India

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Rural Tourism and Rural Development. Introduction: Rural tourism in India: Prospects for rural tourism in India: Role in Rural development: Conclusion: Introduction: Indians believe in holidays: The country has among the largest number of public holidays in the world. Yet the most common reason for getting away is to "visit a native place." Migrant workers return to their family farms at harvest time. Others return to their villages for an annual pilgrimage. The concept of a holiday where you let your hair down and relax has been accepted only in recent years. (2) As India is Considered as “Land of Villages” world wide, it villages which showcase India, Villagers in India manifest a deep loyalty to their village, identifying…show more content…
The complex and highly competitive native of the current global economic situation demands a high degree of efficiency. This in turn requires the application of advanced technology, the improvement of managerial ability, and professionalism in the management of both agribusiness and rural tourism. Appropriate technology, business information and promotion, and a sound marketing strategy all have all become important components. Although, rural tourism is a new concept in India but in Europe and other parts of the world it has been practiced since long as people want their children to have first hand knowledge and experience of rural life. Countries having agriculture economy e.g. Australia, Canada and the USA have Housing tourist spots in country side. Rural tourism may include heritage tourism, Farm tourism, pilgrim tourism, adventure tourism, nature tourism or folkways and ancient culture tourism. Specific potential areas for rural tourism is India may be Gujrat, backwater of Keral, The Pubjabi cuisine, The Hills of U.P., Shanti Niketan in West Bangal, dances and Folk songs of Orissa, The Nithyagram of Karnataka, The tribals of Bihar, Natural beauty of Meghalaya, folk dances of Andhra Pradesh, Teej festival of Rajstan, mask dances of Sikkim, the Holi of Nandagaon Barsana. Crafts and Culture of the Indian villages not only helps the tourism industry but also
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