Rural Trash and Recycling Throughout History Essay

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Recycling and Trash in Rural Areas

Recycling and trash is not a problem that has newly been raised in society. Trash, recycling and its removal has been in history for centuries. As long as humans in society consume, there will be the remainder of something that humans see as trash. Society holds a different perspective on trash and recycling that varies from society, culture, tradition and way of life. A matter of perspective of some incidents review that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and if one wastes not, they want not. Rural trash pickup is limited in the state of Iowa for numerous reasons that will be discussed within this project, as well as how rural individuals deal with no trash pickup. The heated argument of some of
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Burning waste in a burn barrel is legal in some circumstances, but open dumping and burning accumulated piles is not. It is never permissible to place a burn pile or trash barrel within the county right of way. Recycling is also more difficult because pick up is not available in all rural areas,” Prior to purchase of the property of 8 acres, the event of trash was placed in a perspective that it was possible for a trash route. However, the county line of Clinton County is indeed where the trash pick-up ends. That line is less than ¼ mile away from our residence. The city of address is Lowden, Iowa. Their landfill is full and has taken the option to send their waste to another landfill. There is no rural service for Cedar County in our section of the county. The actions of waste management are solely the responsibility of the property owner and there is a limited amount of space to store trash.
In the event of problem solving the trash, it has been a solution to store that which could not be burned into trash bins each sorted to the type. Those items consist of tin cans, glass, batteries, light bulbs, milk jugs, and margarine bowls. It is understandable that milk jugs and margarine bowls would indeed burn, but the hardened plastic once it is melted still is a solid waste that must be dealt with in the end in the ashes. Not only, but the toxics that are released into the air when those items burn is and has been questioned.
A concept of our present society, that is
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