Rush Hour Narrative Story

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When I was younger, my mother would pick me and my brother up from school. As we carried our heavy superhero backpacks and sipped Capri-Suns, she would offer us a funny anecdote to help pass the time. I remember one day in particular, instead of an anecdote, she proposed a challenge. Smiling, my mother told us that if we could guess which of our siblings were currently home, she would tell us what movie she bought for us to watch tonight. My brother and I tried our best to guess the right answer, but to no avail. Nevertheless, being the nice person I knew she was, my mother told us anyway.“Do you know about the movie Rush Hour?” My brother and I looked at each other in excitement. We had looked up the trailer online, but never thought we’d actually see it! The news made us giddy; we wanted to run home as fast as our tiny legs would take us. When we arrived home, our mother gave us the DVD. No Chris Tucker. No Jackie Chan. Instead, what she laid out before us was a DVD titled Rush Hour, a Nigerian film. I turned the box over and looked at the actors and plot that I had never seen before in my life. Out of feeble optimism, we popped in the DVD and watched it. Boring. The yearning to be happy is innate in everyone. People struggle with his desire their entire lives. Some satiate it, finding enjoyment in family, money, and work, among other things. Others are fruitless, never finding happiness or even getting a chance to pursue it. Even so, we most often don’t find happiness
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