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The belief that an education is valuable when it is used to serve your community was instilled in me at a very young age. Growing up in a small village in Nigeria, West Africa, I was surrounded by an African culture with a rural rustic lifestyle. I saw poverty, sickness, death and suffering on a daily basis. I learned to build deep relationships with people of all age groups; from kids who were my playmates, to moms whose babies I helped care for, and grandmas cooking over firewood or selling in market stalls. I learned to value and treat all people with respect, appreciate them, and to always take the time to help others.
During these formative years, I learned and accepted hard work and determination as essential components of life. Having to walk miles to my father’s farm after school; planting and harvesting crops all year round; helping my mother make “soya milk” to sell at the market; tending to the household chores; caring for my younger siblings; were all accomplished while studying to make good grades in school. Soon discipline,
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My research interest lies in the field of cardiology. More specifically, I am interested in studying several aspects of treatment for coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease, new anticoagulant drugs, drug eluting stents, and devices to prevent blood clot in patients with atrial fibrillation. Other areas that interest me are racial and gender disparity in heart and vascular conditions. At Rush University, I am particularly excited to interact with, and interested in the research efforts of Dr Lynne Braun, “Reducing Health disparity in African American women”; Dr Rami Doukky, “Left atrial appendage thrombus in patients with nonvavular atrial fibrillation”; and Dr Jeffrey Snell, “STOP-PAD Study”. As a physician, I have learned the importance of working closely with mentors and faculty who are already experts in the field
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