Russel Wright : An American Industrial Designer And Architect

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Russel Wright is an American industrial designer and architect that lived during the early to mid twentieth century. Many of Wright’s ideas and designs were considered to modern at time, drawing influences from not only ingenious designers like Frank Lloyd Wright but nature as well. Wright’s influences would lead him to create a design style unlike any at the time; a style that would eventually become almost standard in many homes in the United States. The designer Russel Wright and his wife, Mary Wright together published a guidebook known as Guide to Easier Living. In it contains numerous suggestions and thoughts on home architecture, interior design, as well as product design. Many of the thoughts and suggestions conveyed in the book can be seen in present-day design and architecture. Wright’s book also laid the groundwork for his home, Dragon Rock, which of itself possesses elements of design that are seen in today’s homes. Russel Wright’s Guide to Easier Living is clearly a response to interior design at the time; containing numerous design ideas, Wrights guide influences Wright’s own future works.
Born in Lebanon, Ohio, in 1904, Russel Wright studied in Cincinnati before moving to New York City in 1924, where he took courses in sculpture at the Art Students League. Wright then would go on to studying law at Princeton University for two years, during which he is introduced to theatrical set design, working under Norman Bel Geddes, who was one of the leading industrial
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