Russell Edwards Research Paper

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Russell Edwards, the owner of a 126-year-old shawl, which was claimed to have been found at one of Jacks murder scenes, states that he has found DNA evidence identifying Jack. The shawl was believed to have been found at Catherine Eddowes’, the fourth victim, murder scene. Edwards claims that he has a letter that proves that the shawl belonged to Sergeant Simpson, who was on duty the night of Eddowes’ murder (Conner). According to record, Simpson never washed the shawl of the blood and put it into storage, where it stayed until being sold to Edwards. With the DNA samples and the descendants, the blood found on the shawl was a match to Eddowes, and upon discovering semen on the shawl, a match was made to the Kosminski family. Jari Louhelainen,
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